Advocacy doesn’t work if you tell someone they’re wrong

Theo Schmidt at
Wed Nov 3 17:02:03 UTC 2010

Stephane Ascoet schrieb:
> Jelle Hermsen a écrit :
>> I derived this idea from social psychology and I would love to hear what
>> you all think of it.
> Hi, I think you're right. We're facing the same issue while trying to convince people to stop meat consumption.

OK, hands up for those who love free software and open content, go easy on the
meat, prefer cycling to driving and using trains to planes, and try to use solar
energy rather than fossil or atomic fuels! :-)

Seriously, I find some of these things go together, but professing to them all
is guaranteed to get labelled as a "do-gooder" ("Gutmensch" in German), not
meant as a compliment!

Theo Schmidt

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