Reading recommendation: Till Jäger “Enforcement of the GNU GPL in Germany and Europe”

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Wed May 5 16:13:03 UTC 2010

Hi all,

In an interesting article [1], Till Jäger explains how enforced the GNU GPL in European countries, as well
as countries outside Europe, like Taiwan, Korea, the US and China.
Till’s conlusion:

    The well-established practice of GPL enforcement in Germany and some
    parts of Europe leads to a growing number of GPL compliant products.
    Since embedded systems often contain third party software,
    enforcement cannot stop with legal actions against manufacturers or
    importers of infringing products, but must aim for compliance of the
    complete distribution chain and needs to have a more general
    strategy of information policy for such software developing
    companies and countries. Plenty of documentation exists that can be
    used for providing the software industries all over the world with
    the necessary know-how to avoid GPL violations. Considering the
    increasing use of GPL software in the software market, license
    enforcement will continue being an essential issue in the OSS world.

I highly recommend this article if you are interested to learn more
about GNU GPL enforcement.

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