Arise, Sir George!

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon May 3 11:32:11 UTC 2010

Dear David,

Thanks a lot for the congratulations! :)

On Monday 03 May 2010 00:09:09 David Gerard wrote:
> How many other free software people have knighthoods?

Considering that Slashdot was a bit confused about this, as well as my person 
and the rationale for the award, and some people seem to have taken this a 
little too seriously, allow me to point out that Germany got rid of knighthood 
a long time ago. 

The Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon is internationally part of the orders of 
knighthood, hence the "knighting" meme.

But as things are I did not get to kneel in heavy armor, there were no swords 
involved, and I don't get to herd my sheep over the Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg 
or something similarly cool that might have been associated with this in the 

That said, it is a great honor for Free Software and Open Standards and I am 
truly happy for all the things this represents.

With best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve <greve at>
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