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On Wednesday 24 March 2010 13:25:31 Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> * Kārlis Repsons <k at> [2010-03-22 17:47:06 +0000]:
> > > I think no one on this list wants to read through 75 pages of slides.
> > > And slides are not the right tool for discussion on a mailing list,
> > > anyway.
> >
> > Well, then I try rectifying it now...
> Looking forward to it.
Just the thing is, I'm unsure how you or others would prefer me to go about 
this, so, being quite sure of technology, I'm drafting a plan to write a 
preliminary software, which would allow the basic functionality (reliably 
booking payments from scattered sources), serve as an example and hopefully 
also a tool for facilitating building the full set of software for OWBs. Maybe 
nobody even quite understands or believes me without a working piece of 
software. Everything depends on software, then on people...

The problem and solution has several sides to consider and I won't even try to 
name them all right now. Discussing technology take lots of text and is quite 
likely not the thing to start with. 

Rather, I'd like to start with a basic discussion of social usefulness of such 
a software, given it might indeed be created. To me it simply seems, that 
programs like openssh, fetchmail, kmail and others should be funded by users 
community, not so much by the people, who pay their developers in a "day job".

The current question is: for which projects it might^ be a viable solution 
already, that project announces what has been done, how much resources have 
been spent and its users gradually compensate that amount (knowing well how 
much the project has received already)?

^ well yes, given the software and easy way to see their personal payment 
(with or without name) into web or monitoring application
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