RMLL 2010

Michel Roche listes.pichel at free.fr
Mon Jun 7 12:50:03 UTC 2010


is any representative from the FSFE planning to show  up at the RMLL 
2010 in Bordeaux (6-11 July 2010) ?

Last year, the booth was quite a success, so it certainly would be a 
good idea to organise it again.

Personnaly, I won't be able to be there all week long, but only on the 
last two or three days. I'm on vacation before, but fortunately not far 
from Bordeaux, so I'll be able to attend to a part of the RMLL, and also 
be able to stand at the booth for some time (despite there are many 
interesting conferences to attend to meanwhile :-)

So who's up ?

Michel Roche

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