Reinhard Mueller mueller at
Wed Feb 24 14:54:53 UTC 2010


Am Dienstag, den 23.02.2010, 13:59 -0500 schrieb Alfred M. Szmidt:
> I got a warning that messages from discussion at are
> disabled to my account, not sure why.  Does anyone know what is going
> on?

If Mailman receives more than 3 bounces from fatal errors or 6 bounces
from temporary errors within 300 days from your email address, your
subscription is disabled and, after 3 reminders, you are unsubscribed.

This is an extreme non-standard setting, I have no idea why this was set
like that for this mailing list.

I have now reset it to 5 fatal bounces or 6 temporary bounces within 7
days, which seems to be mailman defaults.

Anyway, you should follow the confirmation procedure described in your
email, so you aren't unsubscribed.

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