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Tue Feb 16 01:44:07 UTC 2010

"Cruickshank, Peter" <P.Cruickshank at>
> There is the EUPL, which is an EU translation of GPLv2 and intended to be cross-compatible...

That might have been the intent, but I preferred to summarise it as an
"EU-funded waste of brainpower" which "appears to have a shed-load of
problems, but the EUPL is trivially upgradable to a number of good
free software licences (section 5 and appendix)" in

Among the problems, it seems to be very ambiguous about what is Source
and what is Executable, is itself under a restrictive copyright,
requires Contributors to identify themselves in multiple ways
including geographic and electronic addresses, speaks about websites
(so will be silly if websites become obsolete), suggests an "I agree"
button and has a choice of venue that discriminates in favour of EU

Can voters please pressure governments to stop licence proliferation?

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