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Le mercredi 10 février 2010 12:00:01, discussion-request at fsfeurope.org a 
écrit :
> > as we do not have the Gpl- Licence in Europe (mean we have it but
> > it is intended different) i still do not know what licence to
> > provide with the source... In Europe everything that is published
> > has a copyright.

I don't really get the difference between GPL in Europe and GPL in the 
US. It doesn't work exactly the same way in court because we have 
different laws, but there is no "different intention" and we do have the 
GPL licence in Europe of course (validated already in several cases in 

The fact that we have a copyright system that do not need any kind of 
registration does not change the fact that the GPL is a contract.

If he's doing a derivative work of a GUI licensed under GPLv2, there 
isn't much chance that he'll be able to licence his program with 
anything else than GPLv2 anyway.
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