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Antenore Gatta antenore at
Thu Dec 9 22:38:52 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm one of the co-founder of a new Free Software Users Group in Lausanne, the 

We are working as much as possible to have something acceptable for the public 

We would love to have your opinions and advices (if any).

These are the main tasks we are working on:

1. FSLUG Internet site.

We have a working (really simple) structure, made with HTML and PHP (made with 
VIM, the Emacs version will come :-) ).
None of us is native French neither native English, so we are looking for 
translators (French native members also).
We need content.

2. FSLUX (Free Software and contraction of Lausanne+Linux)

We are building a portable Free Software system, based on Trisquel Linux (it 
uses a blob free kernel and only free software), and in parallel a Linux From 
Scratch (free as well), both running on qemu with KVM.
We will then put the raw image and the qemu executable (also for window$) on a 
usb key. In this way the system can be used from a normal windows (no reboot 
The advantages of this are many, but we are not sure it's ethically correct.

3. Events and meetings

Before we need to finish the 1st point at least.

Do you kindly have any advices? 
Do you see anything is not in line with the GNU manifesto and the FSF 

Thank you very much

Kind regards

Antenore Gatta
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