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MJ Ray mjr at
Mon Nov 30 23:58:37 UTC 2009

Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> As last year I wrote a short blog entry with some Free Software releated
> books as a suggestion <> for you. Hope it
> helpful.

I tried to ask this on the blog article's comments, but
is using the *AWFUL* "Dave's Spam Karma 2" (users of that eye-watering
website-crippling plugin should be reincarnated as tinned meat - that
would be spam _karma_) so I don't know whether it will appear there,
so I repost it here:

Does anyone know a bookzilla-like site with cheaper UK delivery?  I
don't want to support Amazon's 1-click patent attempt and alleged poor
distribution centre worker treatment but EUR 7.50 shipping for a
UK-published book to round-trip to Germany is painful two ways.

I looked around for a responsible UK bookseller but there doesn't
seem to be a general one.  Who's best?  (Who's worst?)

Thanks for any tips,
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