ExtJS licencing

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Thu Nov 19 18:51:20 UTC 2009

* Ben Finney:

> Alex Hudson <home at alexhudson.com> writes:
>> Where it says, "If you wish to use the open source license of an Ext
>> product, you must contribute all your source code to the open source
>> community".
> That appears to be a poorly-worded “If you wish to derive a new work
> from an Ext product under the GPLv3, a consequence of that license is
> that any time you redistribute the new work you must make the source
> code of that work available to every recipient.”

It's an interesting problem.  In order to make ExtJS part of a web
application, you have to distribute it.  The web application needs to
comply with the terms of the GPLv3 because it is combined with a work
under the GPLv3, to create a larger program (by virtue of hyperlinks,
they are also not separate).  However, the whole web application is
not distributed, only part of it, so it's rather unclear what the
GPLv3 means in this context.

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