Examples of proprietary control

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* Alessandro Rubini <rubini at gnudd.com> [2009-10-17 14:29:17 +0200]:

> I read all replies, and I think this is an interesting case. I heard
> about it some time ago about robopark (the web site looks like an ode
> to intellectual property more than anything else).
> Quoting http://www.calccit.org/itsdecision/serv_and_tech/Parking_Systems_Technologies/parking_systems_tech_report.htm

By the way. The quote is no longer on the URL above. Yet it is still
available on

>     In August 2006 the robotic parking garage encountered a
>     problem. It [...] a contractual disagreement between Robotic
>     Parking (the owners of the software running the garage) and the
>     City of New Jersey who own and operate the garage but refused to
>     pay what they saw as an exorbitant rise in software licence and
>     maintenance fees [...].
>     The City was not allowed to operate the garage without a software
>     license and the result was a court case which lasted two weeks and
>     trapped residents cars in the parking garage over that period
>     since there was no manual way to remove vehicles.

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