Microsoft taking over spanish schoolchildren and state education

David B davidb_info at
Thu May 28 18:25:50 UTC 2009

This is an alert of the current offensive Microsoft is waging in order to infiltrate in schools and subvert currently ongoing adoption of GNU/Linux and Free software in educational systems worldwide.

As you might know Bill Gates recently met with Spanish P.M. Mr. Zapatero. The excuse of Bill G. visiting Mr.Zapatero was collaboration with the developing world under the disguise of the Gates Foundation.
Seems Mrs. Rosa Garcia, former Microsoft CEO for spain and current person in charge for the Western EMEA region of Microsoft business had to "call the cavalry" in order to ensure GNU/Linux would be banished from spanish educational system.
It seems clear that the "high diplomacy game" visit of William Henry Gates III has nothing to do with curing malaria and its real aim is to ensure GNU/Linux has no place in the recent plan to bring netbooks to spanish schoolchildren.
Several regions in Spain have developed succesful programs with GNU/Linux, but Microsoft wants to push the only one that has used an All-Microsoft (including the failed Tablet-PC concept) approach in the Aragon region in order to sabotage GNU/Linux educational initiatives already working in many other regions of the country like Extremadura, Andalusia, Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia.


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David B. (Spain)
¿Eres un usuario cautivo ó libre?
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Are you a free user or a captive one?
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