Free software advocate politicians?

Carsten Agger agger at
Sun Mar 22 19:28:24 UTC 2009

> This fellow's only a local councillor. Is he really the only one in
> Australia?
> How's the numbers for the rest of the world? :-D
> Wonder how long before he gets a sales call from Microsoft ...

I believe that in Spain there's quite a few free software advocates in
politics - I remember reading a blog entry on (RMS travel blog)
describing a conversation with a conservative politician who said that a
society wasn't really democratic unless it uses free software.

Same thing n Brazil, where former president Jose Sarney is among the
prominent FS advocates:

In Sweden, one of the candidates for the European Parliament is Erik

... who used to work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is former
president of FFII Sweden. EJ is more focused on civil rights and privacy,
but is also a free software advocate.

That's just some very few :-)


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