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Wed Mar 11 21:17:03 UTC 2009

A joint press release by European academics says: [1]

  If Europe wishes to keep its ability to innovate, it must not lock in
  the current industry structure at a moment of great technological
  change, it must not inhibit digital creators and archives in the
  exploration of music - music which has been paid for once already,
  during the existing term!

  The public will not be fooled. If copyright law, cynically, departs
  from its purpose, piracy becomes an easy option.

  We urge the European Parliament, and the governments of member states
  of the European Union, to consider carefully the independent evidence
  on copyright term extension, and reject the Directive in its proposed

I was made aware of this through:


You should join them in urging your MEPs to vote no to the extension of
copyright.  It's clear that it's not in the public's interest to have a
copyright span longer than a human can live.

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