Similar discussion list but not only for Europe?

David Gerard dgerard at
Mon Mar 9 12:54:09 UTC 2009

2009/3/9 Noah Slater <nslater at>:

> Unfortunately, where I would normally agree here, the FSF's definition of
> software freedom is the canonical one. Debian has it's DFSG, which is fine. The
> OSI has it's own too, which is great. But it is perfectly reasonable for someone
> with an FSF hat on to disagree that this is free software.

Oh yes, advocacy is perfectly understandable. However, confusing a
strongly held opinion with an objective fact is muddled thinking, e.g.
GNU/Linux versus Linux - the former is an opinion that FSF advocates
like to state as a fact, the latter is what the rest of the world
calls it in English.

(I started
and helped get it to Wikipedia featured status.)

- d.

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