Similar discussion list but not only for Europe?

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Mon Mar 9 11:14:08 UTC 2009

Am Montag, dem 09. M�r 2009 schrieb Alfred M. Szmidt:

>    > > You might also want to contact the OSI about this.
>    >
>    > As far as I understand, OSI is more oriented to less-restrictive
>    > open source licenses, right?
>    No, by definition OSI is interested in all Free Software licenses
>    (which they call "open source") - this includes the licenses with
>    strong freedom protection like GNU GPLv3.
> They are also interested in non-free licenses as well, e.g. the NASA
> public license.

Stop spreading FUD!
It is true that this license was accepted by the OSI but rejectet by the FSF.
But it just was a rather minor problem why it was rejected by the FSF.


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