freedom protection level in licenses (was: DGPL)

Bernhard Reiter reiter at
Mon Mar 9 09:37:47 UTC 2009

Am Montag, 9. März 2009 05:45:18 schrieb Ben Finney:
> I think perhaps you means the Lesser GPL grants permissions
> *additional to* the four freedoms: namely, the permission to derive a
> non-free work from the LGPL work in the limited case where the
> non-free work has a run-time link to the unchanged LGPL work.

I came to think of GNU LGPL as "less freedom protecting" license
or with "weak freedom protection" 
as opposed to "strong freedom protection" in the GNU GPL 
or "no protection" in the X11-style licenses.

Less freedom protection in the license can lead to more Free Software
and more freedom in total. So it can be the right idea to use in a number of 

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