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Sun Jun 14 09:57:48 UTC 2009

Am Samstag, dem 13. Jun 2009 schrieb Jelle de Jong:

> I am really wondering what the current state is of FLOSS PDF creation
> software and especially the specialized PDF/? and validations and tools
> to identify what type of PDF it is?

The options I know about are:
- GhostScript commes with a tool named "ps2pdf" to convert PostScript to PDF
- OpenOffice.org has a PDF creator included
- pdfTeX (also for LaTeX)

The tool "ps2pdf" can also be used for creating PDF/X-3 and PDF/A,
but it's not that easy:

By the way, ps2pdf can not only read PostScript files, but you can also use 
it to reencode existing PDF files.


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