OpenPGP card, >1024bit keysize

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Wed Jul 15 13:05:18 UTC 2009

hi Roscoe,

* Roscoe <rm at> [2009-07-12 18:00:47 +1000]:

> I was recently made aware that a version of the OpenPGP smartcard is
> available that supports keys up to 3072 bits:
> So....What are the chances of getting an updated membership card? :)
> I wouldn't mind if it were an optional benefit, available to those who
> donated some amount above their normal dues to cover the costs.

We hope to receive the new cards with the Fellowship branding soon.  And
we are currently testing the new cards which are the same as those
quoted above.

I will make sure that every Fellow who wishes so, is able to receive one
of the new cards. We have not yet clarified the details, but the costs
for receiving the card will not be higher than 20 EUR.

Best wishes,

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