CFP SFK09: CALL FOR PAPERS First International Software Freedom Conference of Kosova August 29/30, 2009 Prishtina / Kosovo

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Tue Jul 7 15:25:38 UTC 2009

Please excuse that you have recieved this invite before.
I am sending it to you again for the following reasons :
1. it is now official. we have full support of the university.
the previous invites you got were from me as a private person.
2. this is going to all the gnu speakers from the speaker list
3. We have gotten money and are working on more to fund speakers, and
there is a great interest in free software here, that I have help

Please consider coming or sending a speaker.
have a nice day,
James Michael DuPont
Founding Board Member
Free/Libre Open Source Software Kosova


First International Software Freedom Conference of Kosova

August 29/30, 2009

Prishtina / Kosovo

The University of Prishtina and Free/Libre Open Source Software
Association of Kosovo (FLOSSK) are pleased to announce the Call for
Papers for the First International Software Freedom Conference of
Kosova, which will be held on August 29 and 30 at the Faculty of
Electrical and Computer Engeneering, University of Prishtina.

Considering the pioneering nature of this conference, the focus will
be on the following subjects:

    * What is free software and open source?
    * How can free and open source software help in economic development?
    * How can public and private institutions benefit from free and
open source software?
    * Copyright, Licensing and Patents
    * Wikimedia and Free Culture
    * Use of free and open source software for Schools and Business?
    * How to work with Microsoft using Free Software and Open Source?
    * Developers presenting work on projects.
    * Use and development of free and open source software for:

   1. Desktop,
   2. OS Kernel,
   3. Programming/scripting languages,
   4. Development tools,
   5. Databases,
   6. Security,
   7. Networks,
   8. Collaboration,
   9. Web, Web 2.0,
  10. GRID/Clusters,
  11. Multimedia and video production
  12. Toolkits
  13. Voice over IP

Authors are encouraged to also submit papers on any other topic not
listed above but related to free and open source software.

Key Dates

Call for papers closes

15 July 2009

Initial notification of acceptance

25 July 2009

Deadline for final versions of papers

10 August 2009


29/30 August 2009

Submission Guidelines

Your proposal will need to include:

* Your name and a bit of bio info (include a bit about your
qualifications regarding your presentation topic)

* Name of talk

* A really brief summary of the presentation (around 200 words). If
the paper is accepted you will need to provide a summary of your paper
in no more than 1000 words.

* Who your talk is likely to interest (some keywords)

* Name and bio information of any co-authors

Papers can be in one of the national languages of Kosovo or preferably
in English.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal by the
proposal acceptance date.

If you require faster confirmation of acceptance (for example, because
you are traveling from overseas and require extra time to make
arrangements) please communicate this to the committee when submitting
your proposal

Submissions can be made by e-mailing your paper to:
sfk-submissions at or alternatively by visiting our webpage:

Even if you are not interested to speak, we encourage you to
pariticpate at the conference. Registration is open and can be
accessed by going to:

Programme Committee

The organizers of the conference, University of Prishtina and FLOSSK
have setup a programme committee to oversee the programme of the
Conference. This committee consists of the following members:

Mentor Arifaj, University of Prishtina (Chair)
Bernard Nikaj, FLOSSK (Chair)
Lule Ahmedi, University of Prishtina
James Mike Dupont, FLOSSK
Agni Dika, University of Prishtina
Blerim Rexha, University of Prishtina
Nysret Musliu, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Idriz Smaili, Bosch GmbH, Austria
Flavia Marzano, FLOSSK, Italy
Isak Shabani, University of Prishtina
Milot Shala, FLOSSK
Ehat Qerimi, University of Prishtina
Arber Dhomi, FLOSSK
Toshaan Bharvani, FLOSSK. Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium
Artan Rexhepi, University of Prishtina

For any further information feel free to contact the Chairs of the
committe at: Mentor Arifaj (mentorarifaj at or Bernard Nikaj
(bernard.nikaj at

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