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Sun Feb 22 14:01:29 UTC 2009

for licensing of databases, i've stumbled upon a problem on which i hope
you could help:

related to the openmoko (a free cell phone) community, there is a game
coming up called cellhunter [1], whose goal is to collect data of where
gsm cells are located. players of the game have a program running on
their phones and are awarded points for gps coordinates of places with
signal strengths from gsm stations.

the players uploading 9-tuples of integers is one side of the project,
the other is a future database of cell ids and locations.

the licensing of the database is still pending a decision, and it looks
like it's going to be a cc-by-sa (-nc was once mentioned, but i think
that's no longer an issue).

is there anything particular to consider in such cases? i think i
remember having read that the -by of the cc licenses can be troublesome
with large numbers of contributors (think wikipedia, openstreetmap,
although it probably won't be that many with cellhunter), but as the
players don't really provide something of their own, would they count as
contributors at all?

i am aware this is not strictly a free software question, but at least
related as the data might easily be shipped with software.



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