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Fri Feb 6 14:07:01 UTC 2009

Hi Michel,

On Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009, Michel Roche wrote:
> - In the windows column of the pdfreaders.org page, the first offered  
> software is Okular. It seems that the KDE installer is not a bad  
> thing, but it leads to a complex operation for the user : two  
> softwares to install. OK there's a little note explaining it, but..

I've heard that some KDE people will push for a stand-a-lone installer
of Okular.

> - If we take a look at the simpliest : Sumatra, you arrive in an also  
> complex page where just under the binary installer commes a zip with  
> the sources => if the user is reassured by the zip which may be less  
> scaring than the exe, he'll be downloading sources !
> - And another big concern is that none of the related pages are  
> translated, so pdfreaders.org may do for english speaking people, but  
> will be a showstopper for all others !
> Things we could do to bettern the campaign :
> - Present the software with a special first line with the simpliest  
> ones to install, for each platform (win and mac)
> - get in touch with the site maintainers of the related projects to  
> help them :
>         - ease the presentation of their download page, maybe by making a
> new   page "download for dumbs"
>         - translate those pages !

All good points, thanks for the summar!

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