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Thu Feb 5 18:43:35 UTC 2009

Am Donnerstag, dem 05. Feb 2009 schrieb Alfred M. Szmidt:

>    But I did not want to harp on that. We all agree that those are just 
>    few exceptions. All in all Free Software and Open Source accept almost
>    the same licenses. 
> That implies that a non-free software license is similar to a free
> software one, I do not see the similarity.

No, I didn't want to imply that. Most licences are the same. That's what
I wanted to say. And that it is not always that clear, whether a license is 
still free or not. And that there may be different opinions on some edge 

> The OSI accept freely non-free software licenses, whilst the FSF does not.

To quote the Free Software Definition:
| Sometimes a license requirement raises an issue that calls for extensive 
| thought, including discussions with a lawyer, before we can decide if 
| the requirement is acceptable.

So also the FSF says, that it is not always that clear.


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