Movements (was: Terminology (was: Please review our new charter))

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Feb 5 15:08:46 UTC 2009

>> RMS talks about two movements, but Simo is talking about the software:
>> two separate things. At the moment one can safely assume that all
>> software classified as Free/LIbre by FSF standard is also Open Source
>> by OSI standard.

For pedants: there have been some exceptions. The Netscape Public
License is FSF "free software" but not OSI "open source" as it gave
special privileges to Netscape. (I checked with Danese Cooper at OSI
on this question in 2002 and she confirmed this.) However, Netscape
used its NPL powers to relicense all NPL files as Mozilla Public
License, which is acceptable to both.

I don't know of any license that's OSI-approved that isn't also FSF
"free software".

- d.

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