RFC - e-mail in tough environments

Bjoern Schiessle schiessle at fsfe.org
Thu Dec 10 16:49:53 UTC 2009

Hi Werner,

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> writes:

>> According to this site[2] Thunderbird (at least since version 3) should
>> be able to handle this header. So it should be one of the really rare
>> mail clients which can handle mailing lists follow ups automatically and
> "rare"?  Mutt does since the introduction of MFT, Gnus does it as well
> and I guess there are many more compliant MUAs out there.  The only
> problem is that you need to configure the list of subscribed mailing
> lists and a list of your own mail addresses.

at least If you look at the list I linked to it looks like not many mail
clients support MFT. Of course the large and well known clients in the
Free Software community (mutt and gnus) can handle MFT. :-)

But it seems like more and more people use clients like Evolution,
Kmail, Claws, web mailer,... And that's where the "problem" starts.

best wishes,

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