RFC - e-mail in tough environments

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Thu Dec 10 09:47:56 UTC 2009

Hi Ben,

* Ben Finney <bignose+hates-spam at benfinney.id.au> [2009-12-10 08:48:47 +1100]:

> (In English, it's “mailing lists”, two words not one.)

Fixed that.

> Perhaps make the point that if your mail client doesn't *have* a “reply
> to list” operation, it's best to pressure the vendor to add this
> standard feature and/or switch to one that does have it. But that might
> be too much for this guide.

I agree that people should do so. But as you said it is too much to
include that in the guide.

> >     - *General remark* The better you structure an e-mail and the
> >     better you present the content — the higher is the chance that
> >     people will read your e-mail.
> I would prefer this to be phrased to encourage thinking about the
> message from the reader's point of view. A sentiment like “make your
> message easy for someone else to read so that more people will easily
> read it”, phrased in your own words.

You are right that phrased better.  Do you think
https://wiki.fsfe.org/Fellows/mk/EmailGuide is fine?

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