RFC - e-mail in tough environments

Federico Bruni brunology at gmx.com
Thu Dec 10 09:17:56 UTC 2009

Ben Finney wrote:
> Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org> writes:
>>     - *Mailinglists* Use list-reply. It is not necessary to include
>>     the sender in To: or Cc: if he is subscribed. If the e-mail
>>     programs are configured correct the sender will be Cc’ed if he is
>>     not subscribed or wishes to be Cc’ed.
> Perhaps make the point that if your mail client doesn't *have* a “reply
> to list” operation, it's best to pressure the vendor to add this
> standard feature and/or switch to one that does have it. But that might
> be too much for this guide.

Thunderbird is an example: if I choose Reply it replies just to the
sender, if I choose Reply all it replies to the sender and cc the list
(just like in this email).
But I've found out right now this addon (Reply to mailing list):

Maybe you can add it to the blog post.



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