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On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 10:10:54PM +0100, Theo Schmidt wrote:
> Carsten Agger schrieb:
> > Just an observation: While the "Open Source Initiative" may have failed,
> > I did appreciate some aspects of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar".

I'm not too sure.
1. The analogy is false: Cathedrals were built very much like he describes 
2. Development models are orthogonal to the question of whether a software is
free or not.

> > In that respect, it's sad to see Eric Raymond make a complete and utter
> > fool of himself in the alleged "climate conspiracy":

That's why "Everybody loves Eric Raymond" [1].

Best wishes

[1] http://geekz.co.uk/lovesraymond/archive/eler-highlights-2005
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