Briefing notes on the benefits of Free Software?

David Gerard dgerard at
Tue Dec 8 13:51:42 UTC 2009

2009/12/4 Karsten Gerloff <gerloff at>:

> One important point to go for is strategic independence. With Free
> Software, the organisation is independent from upgrade cycles, and
> can upgrade its software whenever it feels like doing so, rather
> than when the vendor phases out support.


I'm a Unix sysadmin in a commercial organisation, and every time we
have to talk to our proprietary vendor we desperately wish we'd gone
with something open source and/or in-house bespoke. And they're a
*pretty nice* vendor, responsive and helpful and the product is good.
But they remain the only place we can get help for on this opaque
black box they've sold us.

My new saying: Software freedom is like backups, redundancy and
service contracts ... you don't realise how much you need them until
you don't have them.

- d.

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