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Fri Dec 4 07:51:03 UTC 2009

Ben Finney wrote:
> "Sam Liddicott" <sam at liddicott.com> writes:
>> I gave up on climate change as man made when I read about the NASA
>> fakery
> Can you provide a source to this, *and* a source to the best attempt to
> debunk that source? (In other words, can you show how this claim of
> “NASA fakery” stands up to skeptical argument?)

I'm afraid you'll have to do your own research to reach your own 
conclusions, I don't expect that mine will suit you, nor do I feel the 
need to weaken my conclusion based on an inability to convince anyone else.

The link I posted (http://www.abv.org.uk/node/47) contains references 
about the NASA fakery. I gave up in frustration to find any debunking 
attempt based on anything more than fuzzy feeling, and the debunking of 
the leaks is just was weak. Maybe you have some good debunking of the 
NASA fakery that will convince a skeptic?

The position of science is as terminally damaged as politics because 
science can't prove that the scientists are honest, but at least the 
ordinary man can scrutinize the politics.

To keep it on topic, IT specialists already lost their respect years ago 
with every government IT project failure, although they've been lucky 
with the government taking the blame; scientists (and IT consultants) 
play the same role as pharoah's court magicians, and they are believed 
precisely because it is not religion, but science.

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