OpenPGP card, >1024bit keysize

Thomas Jensch jensch at
Thu Aug 6 18:58:33 UTC 2009


Matthias Kirschner <mk at> [2009-07-15 15:05]:
> We hope to receive the new cards with the Fellowship branding soon.  And
> we are currently testing the new cards which are the same as those
> quoted above.
At the LinxTag Berlin me had a look at the German Privacy Foundation booth and 
they are playing around with a very kewl thing: a combined smartcard/USB 
For security stuff this seems to me like an excellent idea, since the 
smartcard holds the secret keys and the USB stick part could serve as the 
It doesnt need a card reader plugged to the computer and having the boot 
partition on an external stick eliminates one of the few possible attack 
scenarios left with a fully encrypted disk.

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