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Reinhard Mueller mueller at
Thu Oct 30 22:52:53 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 30.10.2008, 09:12 +0100 schrieb P.B.:
> Friends and co-workers see what I'm using. If I can show them how
> convenient GNU/Linux can be for everyday work and other things (even
> editing Video!), they get the right impression.

Hmm.... I think the impression they get is a matter of communication:

a) GNU/Linux is good because a lot of proprietary software like
Flashplayer or Adobe Reader runs on it
b) Free Software is a nice toy but if you want to do the really cool
stuff you have to resort to proprietary software anyway
c) Free Software can do a lot, but there's still bastards that force me
to use proprietary software, we must do something against that

I am well aware about *your* communication about this ;-) but I wanted
to make this explicit for all readers: if you aren't carefule about
this, it can backfire.

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