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"P.B." <pb at> writes:
> Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
>> It depends on who you're talking to.
>> Windows+Firefox is better than Windows+IE, but it's always worth mentioning
>> that they can have complete freedom with GNU/Linux and IceCat.
>> I use IceCat.  It's works grand, and I trust the project manager (more than
>> I do for Firefox).
> Unfortunately, there are 2 things which might make icecat a no-go for
> many people:
>   - I can't find it (or iceweasel) in the default ubuntu repositories.
>   - As far as I've read, it doesn't support nonfree-flashplugin - only
> gnash. That's a killer.

People who have no problem adding non-Free Software to their browser
probably don't care that much about having a complete free operating
system and/or browser. So they are probably not the main target group of

Beside i want to mention that afaik using Firefox doesn't mean using
non-Free Software necessarily. Afaik only the binaries you get from
Mozilla contains non-Free Software like Talkback but you can build a
complete free Firefox from the sources. E.g. Fedora distributes Firefox
and they are committed to distribute only Free Software (with an
exception for Firmware though)[1]. So i'm quite sure that their Firefox
doesn't have any non-Free blobs.


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