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Max Moritz Sievers mms at
Fri Oct 24 17:16:09 UTC 2008

PB wrote:
> What should one do now?
> Let's imagine a conversation where I encounter people, tell them about
> free software and it goes like this:
> (A... someone, B... me)
> A: "Sounds great! Where can I get started?"
> I should now answer:
> B: "Hm... use a free browser. Get IceCat!"
> A: "Cool. never heard of it. I'm using Firefox"
> B: "it's not free software... please use IceCat"
> A: "ok. where can I get it?"
> B: "apt-get install icecat"
> A: "How do I do that with Windows?"
> B: "Oh. sorry. you can't use any free software with windows. You will
> never be able to gradually migrate to freedom. good bye."

B is right. I have been advised to install Windows several times when I 
refused to process MS Office files (privately). Why should it be unseemly to 
recommend GNU/Linux[1] to get control of your computer?

> What are your opinions regarding the Firefox/icecat issue here, when it
> comes to "spreading the word"?

I deprecate Firefox.

[1] One of these distributions of course:

Max Moritz Sievers

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