Comment on "Nine Attitude Problems in Free and Open Source Software"

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri Oct 24 08:37:25 UTC 2008

Noah Slater <nslater at> wrote:
> Admittedly, this is an unfair example. I appreciate that Richard does not
> represent the entire Free Software movement. In fact, Mako Hill and others are
> making an extremely valiant effort to address these very issues.

To the best of my knowledge, none of the leaders of that have much
experience of autonomous groups.  It looks like the same old
hierarchical org sheep trying to teach lions how to roar.  It seems a
shame that FSF supports it and some will regard it as credible for
that reason alone.

> Except, unfortunately, I have a non-free wireless driver installed. Without it
> my laptop wouldn't work like I want it to. It is an unfortunate situation, but I
> face three choices: have no wireless access, install a non-free driver, or buy a
> new laptop. Unfortunately, I am not very wealthy and I like my wireless access.

I had a similar situation.  Someone offered a spare free-software-OK
plug-in wireless card on a Local User Group mailing list and I took
it.  Despite what some around here claim, LUGs are very worthwhile.

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