Comment on "Nine Attitude Problems in Free and Open SourceSoftware"

David Picón Álvarez eleuteri at
Thu Oct 23 13:37:01 UTC 2008

From: "Max Moritz Sievers" <mms at>
> I'm against sanctions against Microsoft because it has a monopoly. The 
> users
> get what they deserve. If you don't like Microsoft then don't use their
> products, but don't ask the courts to take their money which you 
> voluntarily
> gave to them.

In some cases what this means in practice is don't use a computer. My 
understanding is one is freer having the opportunity to use a computer than 
not having it, even if the software in question reduces the freedom they 
would have if they could use a computer with free software. So I do not 
agree. Given Microsoft's copyrights are entirely an artifact of State 
regulation, I have no compunction whatsoever in State intervention to curb 
their abuse.


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