Stallman: cloud computing is a trap

Matt Lee mattl at
Mon Oct 6 14:02:41 UTC 2008

MJ Ray wrote:

> However, FSF have fallen into a trap of licence-gazing and have
> published the terrible AfferoGPLv3.  AGPLv3 is hazardous to charities
> and cooperatives - even if the lawyerbombs resolve in the best
> possible ways, it pushes up costs of these marginal providers because
> of the sins of Big-Webmail-like providers.  

Hazardous? I'd love to know how.

> This is especially ironic given the increasing use of proprietary webapps by FSF projects.  I
> fear FSFE would not dare to criticise FSF's Affero-advocacy, so could
> not be relied upon to identify non-trap providers reliably.

Which of the following FSF projects?

* GNU Project
* Defective by Design
* Bad Vista
* End Software Patents
* OpenDocument Campaign
* High priority projects
* Free Software Directory

I'm aware, as you are, of one single piece of GNU software (Mailman)
using a non-free bug tracker/wiki on their own site, plus I'm sure
bazaar uses Launchpad.

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