The bad FSF

Guido Arnold guido at
Thu May 29 18:56:12 UTC 2008

I stumbled across this odd article: "All OSS Developers Are Equal, But
Some OSS Developers Are More Equal Than Others!" [1] where the FSF is
criticized for being unfair to software developers and failed to close
the "ASP Loophole".

For the authors of this article, the Affero GPL does not fix the
problem, because "GPL developers won't use it". Well, if so, why
should they switch to any other licence that addresses the problem?

And the accusation of unfairness goes in the same direction. They
blame the FSF to aggressively sue software developers who don't
provide the source code in their distribution, but don't sue google
for benefiting from Free Software without showing their sources.

I don't really see what they want to tell me beside that the FSF is
just a bunch of "extremists" who "deny the value of intellectual
property rights."

I am contemplating to write them, but it's probably not worth it. What
do you think?

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