BBC TV: Click: Free=beer and facebook-flaming

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri May 16 16:18:05 UTC 2008

Free software finally gets significant coverage on BBC TV's Click show
this week, but I think it's very much Linux rather than GNU/Linux and
free cost rather than freedom.  They mentioned free security software
and even raised the possibility of trojans, but didn't mention how
free (as in freedom) software allows any random end-user to check or
have it checked.

Quite a missed opportunity!  However, Click has a regular letters
section, so watch it (times below), email click at and see if
we can get the free software view across.

The letters section this week seemed to be flaming proprietary SaaS
social network site facebook for their pathetic default-permit
approach to security of user details.  I really think there's a role
for something like in free software social networking. is shown on BBC News Channel Saturday 1130, Sunday
0430 and 1130, Monday 0030 and Sunday 0430 on BBC-1 (times BST) is shown Thursday 19:30 GMT, Repeated Friday 09:30
and 12:30 (Asia Pacific only), Saturdays 06:30, Mondays 15:30,
Tuesdays 01:30 (not Asia Pacific, Middle East or South Asia) & 07:30 GMT

Anyone else see this?

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