Technical Latex Help for FSFE leaflets

Sebastian Günther samson at
Fri Mar 7 22:08:50 UTC 2008

* Matthias Kirschner (mk at [07.03.08 16:10]:
> Hi all,
> I thought that Latex might be a good solution here.

Yes, this would be the right choice.
> Someone here who want to help with this task?
> Or can you give some pointers?

I would suggest to write a style file with all the different layouts as 
option. So it is easy to switch the layout.
And with minipages it should be no problem to position the contents on 
the right place.
The font could be a problem as I don't have much experience in 
intergrating custom fonts to Latex.

I am willing to help with this stuff.

> Best wishes,
> Matthias



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