OOXML doesn't get support at ISO - Andy Updegrove explains

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Mon Mar 3 10:19:08 UTC 2008

Alex Hudson <home at alexhudson.com> writes:
> I wouldn't say, then, that rejection by ISO is almost certain

Ah, yes, you're right.  I drew an overly optimistic conclusion from Andy
Updegrove's blog.  That blog entry now has interesting updates and comments:

And I've collected more links in a blog entry today:

> - I would say [rejection is] probable, but I think it will be _very_ close.

I've heard more pessimistic opinions from people who were in Geneva saying
that final approval looks very realistic, so it looks like we've got a month
of solid work to do :-/

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