EC to push for 95 year copyright

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Thu Jul 17 07:54:53 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 2:00 AM, Ciaran O'Riordan <ciaran at> wrote:
> The EC have made a press release with vague talk of aiding 70 year olds
> whose only income is royalties from musical work they did before their 20th
> birthday:

By curiosity, I just checked the law for the performer in Belgium
(loi du 30 juin 1994, Chap II, Des Droits Voisins, Art. 38) :
"Les droits de l'artiste interprète ou exécutant expirent 50 ans
après la date de la prestation."  This means that the patrimonial
rights on their "performance" is protected 50 years after the first
public performance. I haven't see any direct relationship between
the performance and the work performed (but maybe I overlooked
something). (note : protection for the author is 70 years after his
death in Belgium
but common in EU)

Now the 95 years after the first public performance just seems reasonable
but I think it's not. Usually (by default like that in Belgium law)
the performer gave
the rights to the producer... There is also a specific case where the performer
receive money for non-cultural activities but the amount of money is
calculated by the producer ;-) I think if they really want to help the performer
they should already concentrate on that part and not on extending period that
won't directly benefit to the performer.

Maybe we should try to find the historical reason for those neighbouring rights
and see the exact logic (if there is any) for the period. At least to
clearly understand
the relationship between the performed work and the rights on the work
itself out
of the performance.

By the way, this is a good catch...


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