July 7th EP committee vote to create traffic snooping

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jul 10 09:43:58 UTC 2008

simo <simo.sorce at xsec.it> wrote: [...]
> Before you start believing everything he says, I recommend you give a
> look here: http://eupat.ffii.org/gasnu/mharbour/index.en.html
> Malcom Harbour is a very well known politician from the time of Software
> Patents battle in the EU parliament. He was on the 'right' side that
> time too according to his words. He was "only closing loopholes in the
> current law so as to avoid US-style broad patentability" and fighting
> "misguided lobbyists in the European Parliament" (FFII).

I'm in email discussion with Neil Parish MEP (EPP/Conservative,
South-West England and Gibraltar) about this, challenging pretty much
every loophole that has been left in.  For example, why is it only
prohibited to require technical features in law?  Why not all
features?  That seems to leave the way open for the soviet-internet
internet-software-by-approval regimes.

I'm also questioning why the Conservatives(EPP) are supporting
Labour(PSE) amendments that require ISPs to punish both "unlawful and
harmful" (why not just unlawful?  harmful to whom?) acts.

Seems like the only people doing the right thing are UKIP(NI) and
that's for the wrong reasons.  I hear even Greens are voting for these
ways of including copyright-kickings into the telecom law, but I don't
have any Green MEP so I've not checked that closely.

Bloody stealth laws!  http://www.stealth.strangecompany.org/

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