July 7th EP committee vote to create traffic snooping

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Jul 7 12:21:30 UTC 2008

Glyn Wintle <glynwintle at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Also see the Open Rights Group coverage
> http://www.openrightsgroup.org/2008/07/02/write-to-your-mep-say-no-to-3-strikes-through-the-backdoor/
> If you want to voice your concerns about 3 strikes legislation brought in through the backdoor in Brussels, you have until 7 July, the date of the vote in IMCO and ITRE committees, to contact your MEP and inform them that the "Telecoms Package" amendments could bring in disproportionate and ineffective law.

I've emailed a few MEPs about this.  It seems that UKIP are already
voting against it (but maybe because it's linked to the French rather
than because they're against 3-strikes).  One of the pro-3-strikes
report-leaders is West Midlands Tory MEP Malcolm Harbour, who I think
I remember from swpat.

As I understand it, other than the named MEPs on LaQuadrature.net,
it's important to ask the Greens to actually vote (they're mostly
convinced I think), try to persuade the LibDems and Labour to vote
against, and try to get the Conservatives to pressure Harbour.

Why is a UK Tory looking such an pro-American entrenched-industry proxy?

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