I wouldn't steal

Michael GroƟ mgross at junetz.de
Tue Jan 22 21:28:43 UTC 2008

If I give you my car, I don't have it any longer, it's gone;
if I give you a copy of my knowledge/movie/music I still have it,
THAT'S the difference and finally some politicians have got it right.

Or to quote Augistinus of Hippo:
Omnis enim res quae dando non deficit, dum habetur et non datur, nondum
habetur quomodo habenda est.
Roughly translated as: You don't own a thing the way you are supposed to,
if the thing does not decrease in value when shared, and you have it but
don't share it. (Sorry, my Latin is not as good as it used to be)
It's a bit of a radical view but still makes a nice quote :-)


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