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franz schaefer schaefer at mond.at
Tue Jan 8 13:12:49 UTC 2008

> The EC is the executive body of the European Union. They don't make the
> rules, they just execute them. It's the basic concept of separation of
> powers.

unfortunatly this is not really true. only the EC has the power to draft new
regulations. neither the the council of ministers nor the parliament has
this power.

the 2 later can change the drafts but for a large part the EC determines
what happens and what does not happen in europe. this is just one of the
major democratic deficiencies in the EU. especially since the EC is so far
detached from democracy in the first place.. and not politically accountable
(no one knows how it came into power so the people in europe do not know
whom to punish for the bad decessions of the EC).

greetings from vienna,


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