OOXML week of frauds.Will we see "letters from the dead" again?

David B davidb_info at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 25 11:10:20 UTC 2008

Funny article comparing current MSFT strategy at ISO
with the astroturfing campaign at the press at the
time of the beginning of the US anti-trust case, and
summarising some of the movements by MSFT in order to
snatch the "standard" rubberstamp from ISO:
Source (with plenty of clickable links). Best regards;
David B.

ISO and Office Open XML (OOXML): What REALLY Happened

“Letters from the dead” strategy is back from the

Well, well, well

Some months ago we mentioned a surprising turn of
events where Lisa Rachjel of the ISO decided to let
OOXML slide into the fast-track route. Later we found
that Microsoft may have simply voted for itself, using
its own employees. If that wasn’t bad enough, then
have a look at this new little discovery. It turns out
that, as one site puts it, Microsoft puppets were
spamming ANSI.

    An impressive list of spam comments asking for
supporting OOXML and backward compatibility, claiming
also that “Open XML in no way contradicts any other
international document standard”. 

Have a look at the evidence the Web site presents.
This ought to remind you of something controversial
which Microsoft did in the past, namely:

    In 2001, the Los Angeles Times accused Microsoft
of astroturfing when hundreds of similar letters were
sent to newspapers voicing disagreement with the
United States Department of Justice and its antitrust
suit against Microsoft. The letters, prepared by
Americans for Technology Leadership, had in some cases
been mailed from deceased citizens or nonexistent

Antitrust exhibits from Comes vs Microsoft have taught
me that executives at Microsoft were talking about
grassroots tactics. The other component was an OEM
stronghold, but that’s another story altogether. Also
recall how they started an astroturfing campaign
(pseudo grassroots) in the UK. This was not an
isolated incident. Be aware of all the manipulation
that is involved in keeping the lockin in tact. They
are protecting the cash cow. Microsoft’s deals with
Novell, Linspire and Xandros (including Corel, which
is linked to Xandros) play a significant role. They
give the illusion that there is wide OOXML acceptance.

OOXML: Why Should We Love Thee?

    * The briberies for OOXML in Sweden?
    * Getting 2 MA CIOs out of their jobs for
supporting ODF?
    * Stacking panels?
    * Deciding to arbitrarily make leap years where
they don’t belong?
    * Having Bill Gates phone diplomats to corrupt a
“No” vote in the US and flip it to a “Yes”?
    * Bribing companies to pretend that they like
    * Bribing experts to edit Wikipedia in MS-OOXML’s
    * Pressuring ISO veterans out of their job in the
light of corruption?

And the list goes on and on

The key issue is that Microsoft has already set the
deck for the Geneva BRM [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. It’s going to
be a farce. Photos from the ‘crime scene’ are already
brought to us, courtesy of Tim Bray

    Anyhow, when I got back to the hotel I realized
I’d snapped the building on the wrong side of the
street from where the meeting is, but hey, it’s the
ITU world headquarters. In the neighborhood, more ways
than one. 

The week has just begun. What might we find at the
end? Just letters from the dead? Well, at last no-one
actually died, except ISO. 

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