Copyright term extension rererevisited?

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri Feb 15 12:56:57 UTC 2008

"David Gerard" <dgerard at> wrote:
> May I recommend to all in the UK the mailing list
> and wiki for detailed dissection of this sort of thing. ORG is also
> getting into the press regularly.

Are they worth recommending?  Yeah, they get into the press: I heard
Becky of the ORG on BBC Radio 4's World at One earlier this week, but
she seemed to support collective licensing of ISPs!

Collective licensing of companies is a step towards collective
licensing of the whole population through taxation and the
establishment of New Enclosures, which should be resisted.  Bad ORG.
Any ORG members here going to try to correct that?

But while apparently not completely friendly, ORG have campaigned
against term extension before:-

I didn't find any discussion of this particular event yet, though.

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