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> > By that account, then, it seems that in the EU also it is not the goal
> > of copyright to redistribute money.
> Not really:
>         "If authors or performers are to continue their creative and
>         artistic work, they have to receive an appropriate reward for
>         the use of their work, as must producers in order to be able to
>         finance this work. [..] Adequate legal protection of
>         intellectual property rights is necessary in order to guarantee
>         the availability of such a reward and provide the opportunity
>         for satisfactory returns on this investment." - 2001/29/EC (10)

you should not confuse the propaganda phrases ("appropriate reward for
authors or performers") with the real intentions behind it ("returns on this

so there you have the proof: the EC indeed cares for the distribution of
this money. but it wants to redistritubt it to the capitalists. because:

artists can only sell their labor power. and they NEED to sell it to pay
for rent, food. thus => the prices for this labor will be low.

on the other hand ROI will produce 110 euro from 100 invested and then 121
out of the 110 and so one.. the geometric progression will sooner or later
surpass whatever the EC sees as "appropriate reward" for those who do the
actualy work.

so the plan of redistribution from those who do the work towards those who
own capital (and do not work) is already incluced in the statement above.

lg mond.

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